National Leaders of Education (NLE)

National Leaders of Education (NLE) are headteachers of outstanding schools. In this role, the NLE and their leaders would support schools in challenging circumstances, in addition to leading their own school.

The aim of NLEs is to increase the leadership capacity of other schools to help raise standards. This is one part of the government’s plan to give schools a central role in developing a self-improving and sustainable school system. NLEs work alongside teaching schools and other system leaders.

Jeanette Brumby, Executive Headteacher at Fairlawn and Haseltine Federation (including ETAL) and Consultant Executive Headteacher at Grinling Gibbons and Lucas Vale Federation is an NLE.

Once an NLE is selected, the school which the NLE leads becomes a National Support School (NSS). This is to recognize that the staff at that school work alongside the NLE and Teaching School to support schools in delivering educational excellence and help to raise standards.

NLEs have to meet very specific criteria. They must:

  • be outstanding serving headteachers with at least three years’ headship experience
  • expect to remain at your current school for at least 2 years after being selected
  • be accountable for 1 or more schools that meet the NSS criteria
  • have the full support of the school’s governing body and director of children’s services or senior educational professional

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